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The alkalinity of semen helps neutralize the acidity of the vaginal tract, prolonging the lifespan of sperm. The alkalinization of semen is primarily accomplished through secretion from the seminal vesicles. The prostatic fluid is expelled in the first ejaculate fractions, together with most of the … Read Article

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CONCLUSION: Exposure to intermittent air pollution may result in sperm DNA damage and thereby increase the rates of male-mediated Samples with high sperm concentrations were diluted with homologous seminal fluid to achieve a concentration suitable for computer-aided sperm analysis (CASA). … Retrieve Content

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In a study comparing IVF success rates and female obesity, it was shown that a 0.1 unit increase in waist-hip ratio led to a 30% decrease in greatest discriminatory power was in the percentage of sperm with normal morphologic features. … Access Content

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Http:// Learn how to cure male Infertility. If you suffer from a low sperm count and you wish to increase sperm count check this program out … View Video

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Other substances that nourish and activate sperm Prostate – Encircles the upper part of the urethra  Secretes a milky fluid to help to activate sperm; enters Ovulation occurs in the ovary at the end of this stage  Secretory stage – Days 15-28  Levels of progesterone rise and increase the … Access This Document

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This resulted inadramatic increase in the transport of inert particles through the uterus to th e oviducts as well as the peritoneal cavity. The upper panel shows a snapshot of the sperm and the fluid velocity field. … Doc Retrieval

During sexual arousal, nervous reflexes cause an increase in arterial blood flow to the penis. At the time of ejaculation, sperm leave the penis in a fluid—semen. 1. Semen (seminal fluid): Thick, whitish fluid that contains sperm and glandular secretions, … View This Document

PDF file Relationship Between Fertilization Results After … 33 Relationship between Fertilization Results after Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and Intrafollicular Fluid TNF-α, IL-1 and Serum Progesterone Tumor Necrosis Factor-α (TNF-α) is a cytokine that can be directly cytotoxic for tumor cells, can increase immune-mediated … Read Document

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The technology, known as LumiSort, could increase the ratio of female calves born by using laser technology to “zap” passing male In the current sexing-semen method, sperm cells are moved swiftly through a stream of fluid. … Document Viewer

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However, alcohol’s ability to increase urine volume (i.e., its diuretic effect) alters the body’s fluid level (i.e., hydration state) and produces disturbances in electrolyte Fluid Alcohol can produce urine flow within 20 minutes of consumption; as a result of urinary fluid losses, the … Access Document

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The sperm removed from the cholesterol vesicles and this make the membrane of sperm acrosome and head become weaker The sperm membrane become more permeable to ca+2 Which increase their movement and help to release the protyeltic enzyme which aid in penetration of the ovum Uterine and fallopian fluid … Read Content

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A fourfold increase in oxygen uptake by rabbit spermatozoa incubated in the rabbit uterus and a twofold increase in cock sperm¬ atozoa incubated in the Table 5 effect of oviduct fluid on sperm respiration Addition to fresh washed spermatozoa < 2 Dark Light No. experiments Glucose Oviduct fluid … Doc Viewer

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Electrophoretic separation of epididymal ram fluid and sperm plasma membrane: 10 mgofepididymal fluid proteins ( A ) and of washed sperm plasma membrane In the epididymis, angiotensin II and its receptors areimmunolocalized mainly in the basal cells of the epididymal epithelium, with an increase from … View Doc

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A nocturnal emission involves either ejaculation during sleep for a male, or lubrication of the vagina for a female. It is also called a wet dream, and is sometimes considered a type of spontaneous orgasm. Nocturnal emissions are most common during adolescence and early young adult years … Read Article

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May directly increase or fluctuate according to the patient’s conditions. When compare to the starting figure of the sperm counts (first seminal fluid analysis report ), there is a … Retrieve Doc

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However, these data do not remove the possibility that the increase in weight results from an abnormal rate of fluid secretion by the seminiferous epithelium in the testis of is commonly known to be a mixed oestrogen agonist/antagonist in different tissues, has been used to increase sperm counts in … View Full Source

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How do you increase semen volume? There are somethings you need to do and some things you need to take in order to achieve this. 1:40 Watch Later Error 10 Diet Tips to Increase Sperm Count by fertilesperms 101,423 views … View Video

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In addition, sperm accumulation in follicular fluid (but without substantiating that it truly reflects chemotaxis) was demonstrated in horses (Navarro et al., 1998 the absence of spatial gradient, achieved by mixing human spermatozoa with a chemoattractant, results in a delayed transient increase … Read Article

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Two presented a slight increase in AR rate when treated with PFc, while in the others fluid (PF) on the sperm acro-some reaction induced by neoglycoprotein. Sperm were … Access Doc

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Sperm formation 4. Hormonal controls Semen (or Seminal Fluid) •Ejaculated through the penis via the urethra •Contains sperm (cells) and fluids from the congenital (present at birth), but can also develop in adults (abdominal pressure can increase 100x while lifting) Scrotum may fill with fluid … View This Document

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Semen analysis includes the examination of : ● Spermatozoa ● Other cells present in semen ● Seminal fluid Altogether these data give In normal situation spermatogenesis is considered to be a constant process over time and therefore the total number of sperm per ejaculate should increase with … View Doc

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Growth generally refers to an increase in body size without important changes to its general shape. An example is the sperm cell moving up the vagina toward the cervix. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is secreted by tiny reddish cauliflower-like masses of specialized … Fetch Full Source

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Semen allergy is a relatively rare allergic reaction that includes symptoms such as burning and irritation following unprotected sexual intercourse. … Read Article

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When it is warm, the scrotal skin is flaccid and loose to increase cooling, and the testes hang lower Sperm and seminal fluid mix in the ejaculatory duct to enter the prostatic urethra together during ejaculation … Fetch Full Source